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The Kadence MacBride Mysteries

Best friends since college, Kadence and Terrence have supported each other through years of failed marriages and dead-end relationships. Despite their strong mutual attraction, they've been unwilling to risk their friendship for a chance at love, until now. Friends really did make the best lovers. They'd be well on their way to happily ever after if they could just stop stumbling over dead bodies.

Urban Fantasies

I have been priviliged to have stories published in two Sci-Fi Fantasy Anthologies: The Phoenix in Athena's Daughters Volume 2 and Railroad Bill in The Old Weird South. ​

THE PHOENIX: They say the phoenix is a mythical bird. They're wrong. It’s not a bird, and it’s not a myth. Sixteen-year old Fanta's encounter with the phoenix will bring her untold riches or death.

RAILROAD BILL: In 1917 rural Alabama, John's family is starving to death. The boll weevils have "et" up everything. With all hope gone, can John put his faith in a ghost? 

Holiday with Love Romances

Holiday With Love Romances are stand alone, self contained stories connected by theme not story line. A couple finds love on holiday. In the series, holiday may refer to an actual holiday like Christmas or Valentines Day or being on holiday in the European sense or a combination of the two. Designed to immerse you in the characters’ world as they find true love and a Happily Ever After you could see lasting forever. Short reads that can be completed in a single sitting. See the couples falling in love, not lust once they find that happily ever after you can really see lasting a lifetime. Its heroes range from businessmen to aliens who share one thing in common. They never expected to find true love; didn’t think such a thing even existed, until it happened to them.

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